Blender Illustration Shader Advanced

Alan Wyatt
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Have you ever wanted to take the 3D scenes and turn them into a PAINTING! That is exactly what this shader and workflow was created for! This shader distributes paint strokes across your objects and breaks up the edges of both your scene and individual objects. Each stroke is a solid color picked straight from either the object's texture or color input given to it.

Advanced Version:

This version comes with:

Update 3.0

Massive overhaul of my current Illustration Shader. This new one works in both Cycles and EEVEE.

Prior to this update the shader only appeared finished with the use of multiple materials stacked on top of each other and the use of multiple objects to better portray broken edges. The process has now been completely rethought and now works from a single Shader and Geometry Nodes tree.


  1. Shader Support for both Cycles and EEVEE
  2. Geometry Nodes Support for both Cycles and EEVEE
  3. Random or Line Art of stroke distribution
  4. Broken edges on both Cycles and EEVEE
  5. UV Support in both Cycles and EEVEE
  6. Texture Support in both Cycles and EEVEE
  7. Bug Fixes and Optimized
  8. Stroke Blending
  9. Light and Color Normalization
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Blender Illustration Shader, Geometry Nodes Group, Paint Color Filter, and Painted Borders Node Group


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